Frequently Asked Questions – Archery Alliance of Australia

How do we know if our club is insured?

Your club will be listed on the Liability Certificate of Currency. You must be certain that the details / location of the club grounds that are provided to the Association are up to date and correct. The Certificate of Currency is available on each of the Associations websites.

What do we do if we need an interested party noted on the liability policy?

Email your association and request the interested party be noted, you will need to advise the following: Club Name / Club Address / Interested Party Name / What interest does the third party have e.g. (property owner of the club grounds). The Association will forward this information to the broker to action and update the cover and provide a revised certificate noting the new interested party.

Are the clubs building / contents – assets covered under the Associations insurance policies?

No, you require a separate policy that you must arrange if you would like cover for the clubs assets.

Who can we contact to get a quote for our clubs assets (buildings / contents etc.)?

Pollard Insurance Brokers – (03) 9783 6255

What should we do if there is an incident?

The Associations have produced a general incident report to be used by all clubs; this should be completed on the day the incident has occurred. The Incident report form can be downloaded from your Association’s website.

Who should the incident report go to?

Email through to the Association who will forward through to the Broker. A copy should be also kept with the Club.

As the individual Association Committees are not qualified to give insurance advice, no queries regarding hypothetical situations will be answered by the Associations. Any queries should be directed to the insurance underwriters.

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