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Medical Insurance and Pharmaceutical Insurance for medical devices can be difficult to find and can be very expensive. It is therefore important to find an insurance broker that understands the market place and more importantly is able to access all of the insurers that are interested in providing the specialised Medical Insurance and Pharmaceutical Insurance that you require.

Medical devices cover a wide spectrum of products from medical consumables through to orthopaedic implants with each one possessing its own risk characteristics. We are able to arrange Medical Insurance and Pharmaceutical Insurance for a wide range of medical devices and we understand the risks that are associated with each device which is important when communicating information to the insurers.

These devices must not compromise the health or safety of the patient, user or any other person. Any risks associated with the device must be compatible with patient health and protection. This means that any deviation from compliance and safety procedures could expose a business to undesirable levels of risk. Therefore Medical Insurance and Pharmaceutical Insurance provides protection to medical device companies against perils that may ultimately impact patient health and safety.

At Pollard Insurance you will deal with :

  • A team with a proven record of insuring medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare product manufacturers and distributors
  • Insurance professionals who have been involved in handling product and professional liability insurance claims in these areas.

Based on a clear understanding of your medical device business, we will educate, inform and help you clarify your risks, identify your coverage needs and guide the development of customised policies and risk management programs specific to your company’s circumstances.

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