We all need insurance.

Whether it’s for our business, our possessions or ourselves, we cannot manage without it. 

By using us as your insurance broker there are many benefits we can provide, some of which are listed below :

  • We are qualified insurance experts, with experience and insurance training, indepth knowledge on products that you just cannot match if you buy insurance online.
  • Our staff partner with their clients, providing expert advice and advocacy as well as looking after the insurance details, including claims. This enables you to focus on your business.
  • The team at Pollards, understand and assess your risk, using their expertise to review all options and tailor cover to match your risk, cost effectively.
  • We deliver personalised service because they take the time to understand your business and build long term relationships.

During a claim, we are firmly on your side and act as your advocate.

To enable us give you the right advice and recommendations, we under go an accreditation. The QPIB qualification is the mark of a fully qualified and experienced broker. We need to have a minimum level of training and are required to undergo regular training each year to keep our skills up-to-date.

We’ve all seen how the Australian Bureau of Statistics have struggled in the past week with the online census due to the site being hacked. It is estimated that Cyber crime is costing Australian businesses $4.5 billion annually in cash and productivity losses. Cyber criminals are active in information theft, fraud, extortion, identity theft, phishing scams and cyber terrorism. Some of their methods of attack include the use of use malware and viruses, computer and network hacking, denial of service attacks and fraudulent online scams to perpetrate their crimes. Cyber Liability Insurance has been created to offer businesses protection against a Cyber attack

It’s widely regarded as crucial to the survival of almost any business that suffers a substantial loss, approximately two-thirds of businesses could be operating without business interruption insurance. In order to help clients appreciate how business interruption works and its importance, NIBA (National Insurance Brokers Association) has prepared an animated video covering the basics.

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